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What kind of app is this?

This app is inspired by the old Tamagotchi keychain pets from the 90s. What you do is care for a virtual pet like you would a real one, by taking care of its needs. You will need to feed it, play with it, wash it and discipline it. The buttons surrounding the pet are used to interact with it. As the tamadroid becomes older it will evolve, and what it turns into depends on how well you care for it. There are a total of eleven evolutions, can you find them all? Tip: Experiment with different levels of happiness, discipline and weight.

Spoiler: Full evolution chart can be found here.

This app does not run a background service, so battery life is unaffected. When you close the app, it shuts down like any other. The pet's current state on shutdown is saved, and when the app is reopened it calculates what the pet did in the meantime. You can turn off your phone and use it as usual of course. Just remember to check on Tamadroid regularly. By accessing the settings menu you can choose when the pet sleeps and wakes up, and the desired background image. You can also pause the pet, if you need some time off.

If you want this app in your native language, contact me. Japanese and French translations are much needed. Currently available in English, Spanish, Italian and Norwegian.

How do I take care of it?

By checking a stats menu you can see the current condition your pet is in. Based on it's current condition, and how you want it to evolve, you can chose an action to preform with it. You can feed it, play a game with it, or scold it. Sometimes your pet may require special attention, and need cleaning or medicine, or sometimes it may just need someone to turn the lights off at night.

Where can I get it?

TamaDroid is available on Google Play: TamaDroid on the Android Market


1) Battery life. This app runs an optional background service, so battery life may be reduced slightly. If you need to reduce extra battery consumption, turn off the background service under the settings menu. The background service will alert you when your pet needs attention, but is not necessary to take proper care of the pet.

2) My pet keeps dying! Watch all the meters under stats, and be sure to clean up after your pet and give it medicine when it needs it. Your pet will die if it's weight falls below, or increases above healthy levels.

3) My pet always follows the same evolution path, what should I do? Try changing the way you care for the pet. Factors which influence evolution are happiness, discipline and weight at the time of evolution. How much weight your pet gains on an evolution will depend on how hungry it is when it evolves. To get your pet to evolve differently try taking better or worse care of it than you previously have.

4) How do I choose when the pet goes to sleep or wakes up? Under the settings menu you can type in the hour of the day you want the pet to awaken on. When the pet falls asleep will be based on the time you enter.

Privacy Policy

A link to the privacy policy can be found here: TamaDroid Privacy Policy