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28th June 2020

10 years, 11 months, and 1 day later, I've moved from to a new hosting service, after my website has been down for at least one month. I've purchased a domain name as well, which should allow me to transition to different hosting solutions without losing my old web address. Sorry for the downtime!

5th April 2020

Improved the CSS code for better readibility on mobile devices.

29th September 2019

Redesign of the Bluetooth controlled RC car.

9th September 2017

Added some updates to the OpenROV project page. New video also!

25th August 2017

Corrected a bug in my MIDI interrupter code. Thanks Kilian Brixel!

5th March 2017

I finally wrote about my Raspberry Pi 2 based OpenROV build. You can find it under "Embedded" projects.

25th February 2017

New article on receiving weather satellite transmissions with an RTL-SDR. See it under "Physics".

18th August 2016

I've written about my new compact bluetooth powered Geiger counter. Interfaces with my Android app BluGeiger!

14th August 2016

After several years in the making, I've finally completed and written about my automatic cat feeder. Automatic feeding, motion capture, and a web interface so it can be accessed anywhere on the globe.

29th December 2015

Elinor and I have improved the website layout further from last time. Hopefully it is now more appealing to the eye, and easier to read on varying screen sizes, such as mobile devices. I added a new server side visitor counting script, rather than the one based on a service from "Stat Counter". They served me well for the nearly 10 years I have used them!

21st July 2015

Uploaded my new Bluetooth Radiation logging Android app to Google Play, it's called "BluGeiger". Check it out! It interfaces with bluetooth enabled GM counters, using a simple protocol which should be easy to extend to any GM counter. Read about it under the "Misc" category. I've updated the RS232 Geiger counter to use bluetooth, and also made it compliant with the aforementioned app, so check it out as well for some implementation hints.

25th May 2015

Finally gave my website a much needed makeover. Thanks Elinor! :)

12th October 2014

Fixed a latchup issue when using UC3710T driver chips in the SLR HV charger, see the new schematic.

7th September 2014

Added the Series Load Resonant high voltage capacitor charger.

10th August 2014

Uploaded the barndoor camera tracker, which can be used to take long exposure pictures of the stars. Also uploaded the GK-71 HFVTTC project, which is a supercharged plasma tweeter.

16th August 2013

Just put the finishing touches on a PLL controlled 1,6kW induction heater unit.

14th July 2013

I've finally constructed a DRSSTC! Also built a digital TV tuner radio controlled over bluetooth, and updated the MIDI interrupter for DRSSTC use.

10th January 2013

Another new year, strange that this website is five years old already! I've made some minor reliability updates to the Air Gap Flash unit, and also tried my hand at some high speed photography. Check it out!

28th December 2012

Changed the color palette, added the option to comment on articles, included a search function, and uploaded DRSSTC firmware for the universal timer/interrupter.

31st July 2012

Well, I've built a new x-ray machine, induction heater and quadcopter, however none of these are in presentable condition. I have however completed the mark 3 Nøkken ROV, which has been published.

29th June 2012

With summer vacation I've been able to work on some projects again, and have some new things on the go. One of my projects from last year went undocumented, the Rectifier Tube X-ray Machine, so I wrote a little about it now.

1st February2012

I've just acquired a flickr account, so I have somewhere to display anything a little out of the ordinary. You can find it at

18th January 2012

Happy new year! Not much new yet I'm afraid, university is pretty time consuming! This semester I'll be part of a team working on an edge of space modell plane, carried into the stratosphere by a weather balloon. Be sure to follow our progress at Edge of Space 2!

20th July 2011

Completed the Air Flash Blitz Unit for high speed photgraphy. Allows you to take exposures of 1/3000000s with any (D)SLR camera! See it under the High Voltage section.

10th May 2011

Upgraded the ATtiny2313 chronograph project. It now uses a LED display for much better visibility.

7th May 2011

Teaser video uploaded for my ROV MKII.

6th May 2011

Wrote about the programmable interrupter module. Filed under microcontroller projects.

25th April 2011

Corrected grammar and spelling in DIY PCBs article. As a bonus I added a mini-project to the article, the DIY PCB Bubble Etcher.

14th April 2011

Some upgrades done on the ROV project.

4th April 2011

Fixed a mistake in the schematic and PCB files for the multi-purpose inverter. The LM324 had been flipped in the first PCB I made, but upon fixing that error I flipped three of the op-amps. This mistake went unnoticed until James pointed it out to me (thank you, James). So if you've used my PCB files or followed my schematic, you may need to redo your PCB.

25th March 2011

Some new info on the ROV page, not much though.

24th March 2011

I've updated the RS-232 Geiger Counter's windows logging program. The log text files are much more readable, and easily imported into any spreadsheet software. I've also added a realtime graph to the main window, so you can monitor exposure rate without having to import the logged values into a spreadsheet first.

In addition to the above, I've fixed some issues the Tesla coil MIDI interrupter. Previously prolonged use could cause the interrupter to lock up, playing the same note until reset. To counter this I've used an improved optocoupler circuit, which should ensure that all MIDI signals are sent to the microcontrollers. There was also an error in the ATtiny2313 firmware which would cause two microcontrollers to play the same note at once. For example consider the following situation: three ATtiny2313's are cascaded and four notes are played, then the first two notes are stopped. Now upon playing one more note, only the first microcontroller should play, since it isn't playing anything anymore. However the first and third microcontrollers would play the same note. This has now been fixed, and should provide noticeably improved polyphony. If you've already made the interrupter, don't worry as all of these updates can be applied to the old hardware. The optocoupler fix will require some soldering though.

20th February 2011

4.096MHz class E SSTC finished, and with HD video!

2nd February 2011

..and that's the end of my ad experiment. For those who didn't see the ads I was trying to earn some cash by using adsense. However, judging by my performance reports someone has been click-bombing me. Shame on you. To sum up my experience with adsense, I got roughly 1000 ad-displays per day, and maybe 20 actual clicks throughout the entire 20 day period. Counting all clicks total, I got a click-through rate of 0,4%. Since Google can close your adsense account at any time, without providing a reason, I would strongly discourage anyone from wasting their time on adsense.

As for some cheerful news, I'm close to completing a 4.096MHz class E SSTC! So stay tuned.

17th January 2011

Added some more info on the MOT bench PSU, along with a simplified design, which serves as my new bench supply.

15th January 2011

Updated my progress on the Mark II ROV.

11th January 2011

Happy new year! My website has now had 100 000 visitors since the most recent counter was implemented 1 year, 5 months and 2 weeks ago. I wonder if it'll ever see 1 million. I'm still working on projects, but just haven't made anything ready to publish yet. I've got a bunch of bigger projects planned though, so we'll see how many of them I can complete before summer vacation.

10th November 2010

Returning visitors may notice the new site layout, designed to provide an overview over what's on my website. Being met by a wall of text isn't very inviting, so I figure some pictures will improve the first impression. The real observant might see my contact address has been removed. If the last three years have taught me anything about the internet, it's that it's getting dumber - fast. I'm tired of doing the work of a simple google search every night after school, so from now on you're on your own. My last peice of advice: get yourself on a forum damnit! To those interested my 11 month donation experiment yielded exactly 0.37 USD, or 1,2% of the cost to keep this site online. Thanks, Internet! Since this site isn't here to make money, I'll take the hint and remove the donations button. The information provided on this site will stay of course, and I'll keep updating with new projects, so don't worry about that. In closing, the bulk of you won't notice a difference, and it's the bulk of you I keep this site running for. Cheers.

23rd August 2010

This years "big project" was an ROV, or remote controlled submarine. Mark I is complete and provided some good footage, so I'm hoping to upgrade to Mark II before fall. See it under "Microcontrollers".

22nd August 2010

Last day of Summer vacation here. :'-( This is a real deathtrap, the Microwave Oven capacitor bank. See it under "Physics".

6th August 2010

I've purchased more bandwidth from my webhost, so my site should no longer crash at the end of the month. Source files for Android have been added to the bluetooth controlled car page.

8th June 2010

Just noticed I'm exceeding my bandwidth allowance regularly, sorry for the inconvience. I'm leaving on vacation soon, so I'll find a fix for this in a few months. :-) In other news, I've updated the bluetooth controlled car page. It can now be controlled using any Android phone with Android 2.0 or higher.

18th March 2010

I picked a project off the shelf and decided to finish it. It's a Geiger Counter that can log count values via a serial connection to a computer. Under microcontrollers.

28th February 2010

Wow, long time since the last update. Here's two new projects. The Audio modulated SSTC and a 40-900MHz radio based on a TV tuner.

9th December 2009

I finally got around to publishing the Polyphonic Tesla Coil MIDI interrupter, it's under the microcontrollers category. Also, I now accept paypal donations via the donate button (hint, hint).

4th October 2009

What was supposed to be a small weekend project has really dragged on. At last I've finished the L/C/F Meter. See it in the microcontrollers section.

2nd September 2009

Added "GDTs for Dummies" in the misc section, also upgraded the "Multipurpose Inverter".

7th August 2009

Fixed the Boost converter PCB design.

29th July 2009

After returning home from holidays I discover my site has been down for some time due to problems with my previous webhost. I've purchased some space at now instead, and moved the entire website, so expect there to be no more downtime!

26th June 2009

I've started making my own PCBs, and to celebrate this I've made a small guide on how I do it, built a UV LED Exposure Box, and made PCBs avaible for the Boost Converter Capacitor charger and Flyback Driver MKII. See the PCB guide in the Misc section and UV box under Microcontrollers. I'm leaving for a one month vacation soon, so don't expect any emails to be answered.

18th June 2009

The bluetooth controlled car has been added to the microcontrollers section. Added some links to the X-ray project, and some more info to the flyback transformers page.

25st May 2009

It's finally here! The project 5 years in the making, the Dental X-ray Machine! See the physics section.

21st May 2009

COM Port Laser Turret under Microcontrollers. One project left to write about, this is the one you have been waiting for...

14th May 2009

Hall Effect Levitator now appended to the "Magnetic Levitator" article. 2 projects left.

10th May 2009

It's been an incredibly long time since I last updated, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I upgraded my CW tower, see it in the HV section. I've also played with violet laser diodes, see physics. I have 3 other projects which are complete, but that I still need to write about, so stay tuned!

19th February 2009

The GrampAmp tube amplifier has been added.

16th January 2009

I've upgraded some pages over the last few weeks, The AVR Chronograph was fixed a few times, the 430J coil gun got a video and the Bench SMPS received a full overhaul. In addition I've added the 50W Capacitor charger project today.

1st January 2009

Happy New year! I completed a little side project, the ATTiny2313 VFD Chronograph. It should be highly accurate and has a nice display. In the microcontroller section.

29th December 2008

I've finally finished the 80kV voltage quadrupler project. I also made a separate page about winding your own flyback transformers and added information about my "Big Mofo" Transformer. Everything new is in the HV section.

27th December 2008

Added a little more the multipurpose inverter page, it now includes a larger full-bridge inverter variation. I've swept through the flyback transformer page and rewritten a lot. Included information on winding your own flyback transformers.

9th November 2008

I finished rebuilding the PLL SSTC 1, it's now an entirely new coil. See it in the HV section. I corrected an error in the boost converter schematic, the charging range was set to 300 to 600V instead of the intended 270 to 450V.

1st October 2008

University has slowed projects down as much as high school I see. I've repaired the boost converter page greatly, so it now includes a description of the circuit function and has an expanded troubleshooting section. I haven't stopped working on projects however!

6th August 2008

I can't remember why I delayed posting this, anyway there's an ignition coil project in the HV section now.

3rd August 2008

A two week vacation prevented me from posting this earlier, but here it is. The PLL Induction Heater driver.

18th June 2008

Before I go on vacation I thought I'd throw up a simple little summer holiday project. USB Travel Charger.

11th June 2008

Fixed the Class E SSTC schematic and added a description of how it works.

17th May 2008

430J coil gun article has been given an overhaul.

10th May 2008

I cleaned up the Induction heater article and put some actual content in it. If it didn't make sense before it will now...

3rd May 2008

PIC-based 8 channel radio frequency remote control system finished. Used to make an RC car.

29th April 2008

I updated the Magnetic levitation page with a fixed circuit and added a picture and video.

3rd April 2008

I added a page about resonant MOTs, be sure to check it out. I've also signed up for a youtube account, so now I can put videos on my site. So far I've inserted videos of my MOT arcs, two SSTCs and Marx generator in their respective pages.

19th March 2008

I fixed the multi-purpose inverter schematic after a catastrophic failure involving one of the main filter capacitors, so if you've made one you'd better check the update. The amount of magic smoke in those electrolytics is amazing.

15th March 2008

So much for the time fountain. 180kV Marx generator and palm-top class E SSTC added.

4th January 2008

8 channel IR remote control project and Geiger counter added. I'm finishing up a Time fountain which I expect to finish shortly.

17th December 2007

Project-Marathon! PLL Solid State Tesla Coil, 15 - 48V 15A SMPS, Multi-Purpose Inverter, Tesla Coil Fres Finder, USB PIC Programmer and Auxiliary flyback SMPS. Most of these were completed earlier this year, but just not finished or published.

2nd December 2007

I fixed image links which would go to the wrong picture. I've finished the 700W 15-50V PSU, Geiger counter and multi-purpose inverter so I just need to write the articles now. The SSTC just needs some minor tweaking before being boxed up and finished.

25th November 2007

I added the links section and changed logo. Currently I have four projects on the go which are just missing a few components before being complete. A 700W 15-50V PSU, a Geiger counter and a multi-purpose inverter. While waiting for parts to arrive I've been working on a SSTC as well. I hope to have all of these projects complete by Christmas time.

21st October 2007

I've made a brand new site and repaired the older content. Hopefully I got rid of some mistakes and improved the layout. If you've never been here before this is my project site where I publish things I've been working on.

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